Weekend Review: An Invitation to Something More

This past weekend, we explored the reality that it is sometimes hard to invite and introduce people to Jesus. To help with this, we are launching and focusing in on Alpha this coming Fall.

To start, we watched the first Alpha video together in the weekend services, and then challenged every follower of Jesus to commit to pray over the Summer for people to come to know Jesus. Because, we really believe that churches are called to make an impact, and that begins in prayer. If we want to see more people being changed by Jesus, then we need to spend more time in prayer with Jesus.

So, would you commit to pray for people to come to know Jesus?

Would you take that next step to pray for those specific people in your lives who don’t know Jesus yet, and then consider inviting them to Alpha in the Fall? If yes, please let us know you’re participating with us by simply doing ONE of the following…

  1. Text PRAY to 289-203-1806 OR
  2. Email karen@bethanycc.ca with the subject line “Alpha Prayer Reminder.”

Once you do this, you’ll receive encouragement, little reminders, as well as prayers throughout the Summer. Because, we really believe that changing lives matters, and to do that we need to begin in prayer.