Weekend Review: Changed by Relationships

This past weekend, we looked at the power of relationships. Because, they have dramatic impacts on our health, our longevity, and our success or failure in life. To really explore this reality further, we looked at the birth of Jesus.

Now, I know this might have been an unexpected place to begin, but next to the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Incarnation is the most theologically important reality. The Incarnation teaches us not only about God, but also about ourselves, as Jesus was truly human.

And, what we learn from the Incarnation is that relationships are powerful, because they shaped God Himself. Jesus, as both fully God and fully human, was shaped, formed, and changed by relationships. He was changed by His relationship with His mother, father, family, and friends.

The fact that Jesus is a person also reveals the power of relationships. Because, the only place you can connect with a person is in and through a relationship. Therefore, since Jesus is a person, relationships then become the space to meet with God.

After exploring this a little, we moved from theory to real life. From orthodoxy to orthopraxy. I shared how my relationship with my wife, Krista, has shaped and changed me. How she literally saved my life from a direction that was dark and difficult. That it wasn’t through new information, a church service, or a program that my life was changed – it was through a relationship.

Because, relationships are life-changing, God-birthing realities. This is what the Incarnation teaches us, and what our own experience teaches us as well.

We ended with this main point: Relationships matter – they are sacred and life-giving. What we need to do is to see relationships not as things to use, as disposable, or even as things at all. We need to see them for what they are – sacred, and life-giving spaces to be cherished.

So, we ended with this challenge: Appreciate a friend this week.


2 comments on “Weekend Review: Changed by Relationships

  1. Della Koole on

    I read a book many years ago entitled Necessary Losses by Judith Viorst. One of the things that I learned and found immensely helpful is that not all relationships last for our entire life. Some do, but many do not. There are many different types of friendships: work friends, crisis friends, intergenerational friendships, neighborhood friends etc. They all serve us at certain times of our lives. When their need/impact changes, we often lose these and move on to new ones. It made me think of how God uses people at all different stages in our lives to help us, minister to us, help us grow etc. Life is like a river and it is always moving and changing. Relationships are so very important.
    Interesting as well is that Jesus had the human relationships but also a very intimate relationship with his Father in heaven, which had the greatest influence in his life. Anyway, just some thoughts…

    • Andrew Mills on

      I think that’s so very true and a really good way to look at it. I always believe in being realistic and I think you’re right not every relationship can last for a lifetime, and I think the perspective if beautiful of being reminded that God can bring you people in different seasons and stages. Thanks so much Della!


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