Weekend Review: God’s Plan for Us

This weekend, we looked at the themes of aging, our obsession with newness, and how God works in us.

We focused in on Isaiah 43, in which God says something interesting and also unexpected…

God tells the Israelite people to remember their greatest moments as a people.

He essentially calls on them to think about the highlights in their history. He calls them to remember the Exodus and crowning moment of their existence. And then, He says something remarkable…

“But forget all that…” (v. 18a)

God is asking His people to forget all that happened in the past, because He has something better for them in the future.

This is something I think we need to remember. Because, it is so easy to get stuck in the past. It is so easy to be tempted to think that the best things are behind us.

It is so easy to forget that God still has good and new things in store for us.

And, when I say good and new things, I don’t mean the “new” our culture talks about. I don’t mean fancy packaging or updates. I mean new.

Like something different, like something unexpected, like something that is in continuity with the past, but different from the past.

So, this is what we learned, taking a page from Pastor Larry Shantz: The best is yet to come.

And, to discover the new things in front of us, we left with this challenge: Pray, and pay attention.

To pray to see what God is doing that is new, wherever we are at in life, and to pay attention to it and follow it.

Because, we truly believe that the best is yet to come.


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