Weekend Review: I Am Doing a Great Work

On Sunday I preached on my favourite verse in the bible.

It’s a very simple verse that says this, “I’m doing a great work; I can’t come down” (Neh. 6:3).

I love this verse. I love the focus, and most of all, I love the passionate pursuit of something. Nehemiah refuses to be distracted by interesting opportunities, cool invitations, or anything else other than God’s calling on his life. He doesn’t let good things get in the way of God’s best for him. Instead, he refuses to give up on the great work he has been given.

I love this verse because I believe here at Bethany, we have some great work to do. I believe you in your life and your community have some great work to do. I believe that God has something in store for all of us. And the way we find it is by never giving into distraction, or disruption – but by being reminded that we are doing a great work.

On Sunday, we asked that you confirm and commit to your great work. To decide to really go for it, and move towards it. Whether that’s to be a great dad, to launch your kids, to launch a business, go back to school, or whatever God may call you to do. The point is that if God has given you a great work – never give up on it.


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