Weekend Review: Irresponsibility Kills Relationships

This past weekend, we looked at Genesis 2-3 in and through a relational lens. Often, when it comes to this passage, we use a scientific, narrative or systematic theology lens, which is all well and good, but using a different lens to look at a text can bring up new realities.

So, we looked at Adam and Eve’s relationship primarily through the lens of responsibility. Because, responsibility is needed in healthy relationships, and irresponsibility drives us nuts.

Irresponsibility also drives relationships apart.

And, in the story of Adam and Eve, we see God giving them a huge amount of responsibility, with very few rules. Because, when people are responsible, rules aren’t really needed.

But, in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve give up on their responsibility, and break God’s rules. Because of this, hurt happens and sin spreads. And, we learned that irresponsibility always creates hurt, sin and more difficulty.

And, the truth is, our relationships would be better with less irresponsibility in them. The trouble is that it’s easy to see in others, and we so often excuse it in ourselves.

Seeing the issues that irresponsibility created for Adam and Eve, we looked at the text deeper to discover three signs that reveal that we might have an irresponsibility problem:

1. Blaming – Whenever we start to blame others, we have an irresponsibility problem. When Adam and Eve sin and fall, they don’t take responsibility for their actions, but rather place blame on others. And, we continue to do the same thing today.

2. Hiding – Hiding is a refusal to deal with our own responsibility. And, both Adam and Eve do this. So, whenever we are hiding, we have an irresponsibility problem.

3. More Rules – Right after Adam and Eve’s fall, more rules were created and added. Because, irresponsibly always creates more rules.

We ended with our main point: Irresponsibility needs to be rooted out of our relationships. If we want more beautiful and less messy relationships, it begins with us, and being responsible.

My challenge was to step up and take responsibility in your relationships. To reflect on your relationships and see if there is any blaming, hiding or rule creating going on, and, if so, to change that.

Because, we can’t change anyone else, but we can change ourselves.

So, let’s be responsible and create more beauty and less mess in our lives, as well as in the lives around us.

Teaching Notes:

Passage: Genesis 2:8-9, 15-17, 3:1-13, 16-19.

Big Idea: Irresponsibility needs to be rooted out of our relationships.

Teaching Points:
a) Genesis has a lot to teach us about relationships and responsibility.

b) Irresponsibility drives people apart.

c) Rules don’t create responsibility; irresponsibility leads to rules.

d) When you focus in on the rules, resentment builds and responsibility fades.

e) Focusing on the rules builds confusion, rather than clarity.

f) Irresponsibility kills relationships, because irresponsible people always take relationships for granted.

g) Stop blaming, stop hiding and start taking responsibility.

Challenge: Step up and take responsibility in your relationships.


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