Weekend Review: Nuance

This past weekend, we opened up our series called Grey Area by recognizing that our world is becoming more fractured. We live in a tribal world in which we are quick to think “us vs. them.”

We live in a polarized world in which we are quick to divide rather than to listen.

But, I think as followers of Jesus we need to be different. We need to learn to hold onto relationships, even across differing opinions. I believe that we can demonstrate something so counter-cultural if we can both hold our positions, but also listen to and love people who hold differing positions.

We began by exploring how Jesus responds to some of the hot button topics of His day and age – by answering with questions and stories, not statements. Jesus doesn’t shut down conversation, but rather asks questions to deepen it. He doesn’t give a position, but rather shares a story inviting people into it. We then explored Paul and how he does the same thing. He invites people to see the complexity of the world around him, rather than reducing things to “either/or.”

And, I think this is what we are called to do as well.

So, we ended with this main point: We need more nuance in our lives. And, we gave this challenge out of that point: Ask questions, and listen deeper. When you come across something you disagree with, stop to ask questions, and listen deeper. That’s the first step in being able to overcome some of the division in the world around us.

In essence, be like Jesus.