Weekend Review: Pride

This past weekend, we opened up our first sermon in our series, 7 Deadly Sins. And, we began with three ground rules…

1. God doesn’t use guilt, so neither will I. We are not going to use guilt as a motivator.

2. This series will be focused on freedom and healing, not on sin. We don’t believe Jesus came to the world to judge, condemn, and guilt people for sin, rather He came to set us free from sin.

3. This is a personal thing. This is not about us thinking about who else needs to hear these sermons (i.e. like your arrogant father-in-law – don’t send him this week’s sermon). Rather, the point is about us and what God wants to do within us.

So, we began by looking at the sin of pride.

Now, I would argue that in our culture we have a confused relationship with pride. We most often celebrate pride, rather than confess it. But, what does the Bible have to say about it? Well, by exploring Proverbs and the example of Jesus, we saw that while pride leads to conflict, disgrace and humiliation, humility leads to freedom, wisdom and health. The point is that wherever we think we need pride, humility works better. And, Jesus exemplified this so well throughout His life on earth.

MAIN POINT: We need to live with humility like Jesus, and root out pride.

And, to do that, we need to think of God more and ourselves less. That is how we begin the process of living with less pride and more humility. Not by focusing on ourselves and trying to be the most humble person, but rather by focusing on God, and letting Him develop and grow that humility within us. With that in mind, we ended with a simple, practical challenge for each one of us…

CHALLENGE: Once a day, write out the reasons you can be grateful to God.


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