This past weekend, we explored the topic of and conversation around sex. To do that we explored three points…

1. The Purpose of Sex

To begin, we looked at Genesis 2 and why God created sex. We explored how Adam was in need of a deep relational connection. How he was alone and lonely. So, God created Eve, and the “two became one flesh.” 

And, here is where we get an insight into the Biblical view of sex – it’s about connecting. Sex is not just about the joining of two bodies, but it’s also about uniting two lives together into one. Sex is about joining two people together. Two becoming one.

2. The Goodness of Sex

From there, we started to explore the goodness of sex. And, this needs to be said, especially in the Evangelical Western Church, because so often sex is talked about as dirty, wrong, or forbidden. We forget the biblical perspective that sex is good, sex is holy, and sex is a gift. And, for sure sex isn’t to be used in a casual way. It’s about covenantal connecting. But, it also isn’t to be seen in a negative way. 

So, we explored the Song of Solomon, and the goodness of sex that is found there in that Biblical book of erotic poetry.

3. How to Have Good Sex

Last, we explored how to have good sex. That if sex is about connecting and it’s good, how do you have a deep physical relationship? Well, the surprising answer from the Song of Solomon is that it isn’t about variety, passion, or just personal pleasure. It’s about intimacy. 

So much of the poetry in the Song of Solomon shows this intimate, personal, oneness between the man and the woman. That is what gives depth to their physical relationship – their oneness and deep connection. The deeper your relational connection, the deeper your physical connection.

So, we closed with this main point that: Sex is good, sex is connecting, and sex is about intimacy. And, we invited everyone to continue having this conversation, because we need to talk about sex in open and healthy ways. 

We also gave everyone this challenge: Build intimacy in whatever relationships you have. Whether you are married or single, focus on connecting deeply with others. Because, this is what gives any relationship depth and meaning. It’s not about the physical part, but rather about the relational part.