Weekend Review: Sloth

This past weekend, we opened up a discussion around the sin of sloth, which at first glance doesn’t seem all that bad. The idea of having a lazy Saturday doesn’t seem very deadly. That actually seems heavenly. But, that’s because I don’t believe we have correctly understood what the sin of sloth is really all about.

Through reading and exploring the book of Proverbs, we realized that the sin of sloth isn’t about resting, but rather about resisting the right actions. At its core, slothfulness isn’t about physical laziness, but rather it’s about spiritual laziness by not engaging in the world into which we are called. The sin of sloth is saying “no” to engaging with God and world.

And, that’s why it’s deadly. Because, this world needs you. You are part of God’s plans. You have a unique set of gifts, experiences, and relationships in which God is moving. When you say “no” to engaging in the world, through avoiding, excuses, or not taking responsibility, that’s the sin of sloth. And, that’s why it’s deadly. Because, the sin of sloth deprives you of life, and it deprives the world around you of the gift of life you have to give. That’s our main point…

The sin of sloth robs you of life, and robs the world of the gift of your life.

Therefore, the opposite of sloth isn’t being hardworking. Instead, it’s being faithful to God. And, in order to move in the direction of God and away from sloth, I think we each need to process these three questions…

1. What is God asking you to say “yes” to?                       
2. What is stopping you from saying “yes”?
3. What are you avoiding?

I ended by suggesting that each person devote some time to stillness, silence, and solitude with God. And, I know it’s weird to encourage resting in a sermon on sloth, but I think that’s actually what we need. If sloth is really about misdirected energies, then to have them rightly directed, we need to take time to reset and let God guide us.

So, that’s my challenge this week: Take time for stillness, silence, and solitude with God. And then respond rightly to God’s direction. Because, that’s what God asks of us, and it’s what our world needs.