Weekend Review: Throw a Party

This weekend, we looked at a passage in Leviticus 7 that if you’ve read it, it likely hasn’t made an impact on you.

This is because the further away something is from us culturally, the harder it is to understand.

So, imagine Moses or Joshua getting dropped into our world. It is so different from their world, and they would find it so overwhelming, confusing, and bewildering.

Well, the same thing happens to us when we get dropped into their world, like when we read Leviticus. It just doesn’t make sense to us.

But, that’s what we tried to change.

In this weekend’s message, we looked at thanksgiving offerings, and how when God did something good for the people of Israel, they would offer a sacrifice of thanks to Him in response.

And, there were lots of rules and regulations around this, but we focused in on one odd, specific detail found in Leviticus 7:15…

“The meat of the peace offering of thanksgiving must be eaten on the same day it is offered. None of it may be saved for the next morning.”

So, what would happen is that if God did something good for you, you would sacrifice an animal, like a cow, as an offer of thanks to Him. But, then there is this weird rule that you would need to eat all the meat of the sacrifice on the same day it was offered, which, if you start to think about it, leads to some very significant questions, such as…

1. If you sacrifice a cow, how much meat would you have to eat?
Answer: Almost 500 pounds. (according to Google)

2. How could you ever eat all that meat in one day by yourself?
Answer: You couldn’t.

3. What would you have to do?
Answer: Throw a party.

That is the only way you would be able to eat up all the meat that would be sacrificed. You would throw a party, a banquet, a gathering, or a celebration.

And, the natural thing that would happen is that people would ask you why you had sacrificed your cow, to which you would share with them what God had done for you.

What we realized, buried in this text and in a world so different from ours, is that God had provided a mechanism and way for thanksgiving to spread.

And, that is needed.

Because, more often than not, we don’t share good news. Rather, we share bad news. We are actually neurologically primed for negativity. And, this negativity spreads faster and deeper than good things.

Which is why our main point is this: Sometimes we just need a party.

Because, joy is a spiritual discipline, and holiness doesn’t look like a wet blanket. It looks like joy, celebration, and fun.

So, if God is doing something in your life, you should throw a party and celebrate it.

We ended with a perfect challenge for the long weekend and the Summer: Throw a party, and celebrate what God is doing. Plan for it, save for it, and make it big and beautiful.

Because, sometimes we just need a party.

Teaching Notes:

Passage: Leviticus 7:11-21

Main Point: Sometimes we just need a party.

Teaching Points:
a) The closer the text is to us culturally, the easier it is to understand and apply.

b) God never wanted or desired for us to offer sacrifices to Him; they were created for the people, not God, as a way for them to connect with Him.

c) You would throw a party to share with your community the reason you are thankful to God; God set up this process so that when He acted, a community celebration happened.

d) Being joyless, stuffy, and overly reserved is not a spiritual gift or sign of holiness.

e) As Christians, we have more to celebrate and share than anyone else.

Challenge: Throw a party!


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