WEEKEND REVIEW: When It Gets Too Heavy

This past weekend, we looked at the question: What do you do when things get too heavy?

And, what I mean by that is what do you do when you feel overwhelmed, and are just done with it all? What do you do when you feel like you are drowning in the wilderness under all the responsibilities and pressures of life?

To explore this idea further, we looked at the story of Moses as he led the Israelites into the wilderness.

As we have been sharing throughout this series, IN THE WILD, the wilderness is a difficult, dry and trying time. Another way to put it is that the wilderness is a time when things feel heavy. It can seem like you are just carrying around an enormous weight.

This is what we saw with Moses in Numbers 11.

The people were complaining all around him. And, this became such a heavy weight and load on Moses that he complains and vents to God about it. In fact, Moses reacts so strongly to the people’s complaints, he even asks to die to escape it all. From here, we explored why it is that sometimes we react so strongly to the little things. Because, at one level, a complaint is a small thing, but, in this case, it elicits a huge reaction from Moses.

To explain this, I shared the image and metaphor of a rock…

All of us from time to time end up picking up responsibilities – things that becomes “ours” to manage. These are the “rocks” that we carry in our lives. This can be anything from the household finances, to the decisions in a business, to the complaints of those around us, like in Moses’ case.

What happens is that the longer we carry these “rocks,” the heavier they get. 

Moses reacts so strongly, not because of one complaint, but because he has been carrying ALL of the people’s complaints by himself. And, the longer he carries them, the heavier they get. Couple that with the fact that the longer you hold any “rock,” the less other people notice you are carrying it.

So, what do we do when the responsibilities we carry get too heavy? What do we do when we, like Moses, say, “I’m out, I’m done, this is too much.” Well, we learned two clear actions…

1. Open Up and Share It with God 

The first thing we need to do is radically open ourselves up to God. We need to share with Him about all that’s going on in our lives. That’s what Moses does. The people around him complain to each other, but Moses goes directly to God.

2. Open Up and Share It with Others 

The second thing we need to do is to share our burden with one another. Because, God gives Moses this exact direction. He says to go find other mature leaders, and share the burden with them. This is what I believe we are called to do as well.

In order to get through the heavy and hard stuff in our lives, we need to share our burdens with God, and with other safe, trusted people. That’s how we get through the wilderness.

So, for those of us who are in the wilderness, here’s my challenge for you: Share your burden with God, and with others. Because, if we don’t share our burden, “rocks,” or responsibilities, we will eventually drop them. And, the impact of dropping something is always much worse than when we share it.

And, for those of us who aren’t in the wilderness, my challenge to you is simple: Share the burden of someone else. Because, this is what the Church and Christianity is all about – walking together, supporting one another, and opening ourselves up to God and to others.

You need to share your burden with God, and with other people.

Share your burden with someone, OR share the burden of someone.