Weekend Review: You Were Made for More

This past weekend, we looked at how Nehemiah found a vision worth chasing. He wanted to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, to heal a people, and to bring dignity back to the land.

I think many of us want similar visions. We might not want to build a wall, but we want to do something lasting – something that leaves a legacy and changes lives.

The question is, where do you begin? How do you find your vision? How do you discern what you are called to build?

Well, we learned two things…

1. Pay attention to your heart.
What changes the trajectory of Nehemiah’s life is having his heart broken by a burden for the people of Israel. We see this when Nehemiah weeps when he hears about them, and is given a burden to change their lives.

And, this is often how visions begin – as burdens.

2. Once you discover what God has for you, don’t dismiss it.
Nehemiah receives a massive dream and vision from God, but he doesn’t dismiss it, even though it must have seemed nearly impossible. He trusts in God, and leans into his vision in prayer.

So, our main point is: We are made for more.

God has more in store for all of us. None of us have peaked, and God wants to give us dreams and visions to change lives.

Maybe this will happen by launching your kids well, or by starting a church, or by creating a piece of art, or by starting the mentoring or adoption process.

The point is, we believe we were all created for more.

And, what we see in and through Nehemiah is that God gets his attention through his broken heart, and then Nehemiah leans into his vision through prayer.

To close, we looked at the passage itself for four clues to finding your God-given vision…

Clue #1: Pay attention to your heart
What breaks your heart? What passions has God given you? What makes you sad or angry? Is there something you feel should be changed?

Clue #2: What keeps you up at night?
Nehemiah says that he stays up all night praying, and I take that literally. What do you dream about at night? What are you willing to give up sleep for to create that business plan, or to learn about that new career? This is a clue for what God might have for you.

Clue #3: What are you willing to sacrifice for?
Nehemiah is pretty clear in his prayers that he is willing to put God’s vision for him before his needs. He is willing to sacrifice himself, and that’s a clue for what God has for you.

Clue #4: What lingers and persists?
If God gives you a dream, it’s going to last more than a few moments. And, again we see this in Nehemiah – he prays for days.

So, our challenge is: Pray, and pay attention to God and your heart.

The way you discover God’s vision is by paying attention to Him, and the burdens in your heart. Pay attention to those clues of your heart – the things that keep you up at night, that you are willing to sacrifice for, and that last over time.

Honestly, I don’t know what God has for you, but I do know that He does have something for each of us.

Maybe your “made for more” dream is to give your time and energy to save your marriage, or to build a new business that values people and the planet, or to start a ministry. Maybe it’s to make people whole and healthy, or to launch your kids well.

Spend time with God, and pay attention to Him. That’s how you discover your vision, and that’s your challenge this week.

Because, we believe you were made for more.

If you missed the service this past weekend, you can find it here.


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