This weekend, we are continuing in our series, Who We Are. And, we are moving from discussing our three core values (Grace, Discipleship, Vulnerability), toward learning more about the three core actions that define our Discipleship Framework (UP-WITH-OUT).

Because, values guide actions, but values without actions aren’t enough.

To start, we will explore one of the most important actions we can take: To connect UP daily with God. That if we are going to follow Jesus, we need to be connecting with Him each and every day. The thing is, many of us live our lives with a sense of disconnection or dislocation from God. We feel that He is somewhere else, or that He isn’t with us.

Sometimes, we can go through an entire day without seeing, sensing, or connecting with God.

This is the challenge in the modern world. We are so busy that we can end up neglecting or drifting away from our relationship with God. We want to look at how to change this.

And, it all begins by realizing that you are already connected to Jesus Christ.

So, we hope you can join us this weekend. But, before we get there, why not spend some time with Jesus right here and now.

Because, connecting with God daily is not only important, but absolutely necessary.