Why You Can Start A Home Church

If you’ve ever been at the start of one of Bethany’s weekend services, then you’ve probably heard someone invite you to stand up and greet the people around you. The reason for this is that we truly believe following Jesus is best done together and in community. In fact, we think it’s pretty hard to follow Jesus on your own.

But community at Bethany goes way beyond saying “Hi” to a few people in the seats near you. Since we believe the church is more about transformation than it is about information, we need places and people who we can experience this transformation with, share what Jesus is doing in our lives and support each other along the way. 

This is why Home Church is so important to us because it gives us, as followers of Jesus, a safe and encouraging community to help us better take our next steps with Jesus, together! 

Our Fall Home Church season will be starting the week of September 15 (This is also the same time Alpha starts. If you’re unsure which is the best choice for you, check out last week’s blog: Alpha or Home Church: What’s the Right Fit for you?). If you’re looking to join a Home Church you’ll be able to find one here in the weeks to come. 

But, it’s more than likely you might want to host or even start a new Home Church. In fact, many of our current Home Churches exist simply because someone opened up their home or talked with some friends and decided to start a Home Church together. If that sounds interesting, we’d love to help you make that happen. Here’s what you can do to start off:

  1. Simply let us know you’re interested in knowing more by filling out this very short form.
  2. Come talk to one of our team at the Next Steps area after any of our weekend services.
  3. Keep praying for God to lead you and others in forming your new Home Church.

One super great resource we have for anyone starting a Home Church is our “Home Church Out Of The Box” kit. It’s basically packed with info, tools and resources for your whole Home Church to help you get off to an amazing start. Anyone starting a Home Church gets one of these and you can take an advance look simply by going here and typing “what’s in the box” in the search bar.

So, whether you’re just out of high school or whatever stage of life you find yourself at, if you want to grow in following Jesus then I hope you’ll consider being part of a Home Church this Fall.