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To Be a caring community,
growing in christ,
loving others
and serving a hurting world.

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Saturday, 6:45 pm
Sunday, 9 am & 10:45 am

Bethany Community Church

1388 Third St.,
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 6P9
Phone: 905-937-5300

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May 18/19, 2019 - WITH: We Need Commitment

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Become Like Children

I think that our world is concerned with “bigness.” As in, we want to become bigger and better at everything. We want to matter, and we want to seem important. We so often position ourselves to be seen as successful, winning and thriving. It’s in office conversations, and all over…

Weekend Review: Changed by Relationships

This past weekend, we looked at the power of relationships. Because, they have dramatic impacts on our health, our longevity, and our success or failure in life. To really explore this reality further, we looked at the birth of Jesus. Now, I know this might have been an unexpected place to begin,…

WITH: Changed by Relationships

This weekend, we want to pursue a seemingly simple question: Why are relationships so powerful? Because, relationships are the most powerful reality in the world. When you have strong relationships, you are less likely to get sick. When you have deep connections, you will live longer. In fact, one…

Weekend Review: What is Friendship?

This past weekend we looked at this question, “What is a friend?” I know at first glance it seems like an easy question to answer. A friend cares for you, is there for you or supports you. All of those are true and right answers. But a friend is more than that, because a…


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Upward Sports is a sports league for boys and girls, SK to gr. 9, where “Every child plays. Every child learns. Every child is a winner!” Make friends, burn energy, learn new skills from great and caring coaches and just have fun!

We want to make sure ALL children are given the opportunity to play sports. If you would like to join us making this happen, we invite you to GIVE financially toward Upward Sports at Bethany (simply select Upward from the list). Thank you for your contribution!

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God made you creative! Discover, develop and express the gifts God has given you through training at the Bethany School of Music and Arts (BSMA).

Whether it’s music, dance or visual arts, the BSMA is committed to high-quality instruction in an encouraging environment. We look forward to the pleasure of joining you and/or your child for a year of artistic growth!

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