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To Be a caring community,
growing in christ,
loving others
and serving a hurting world.

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Saturday, 6:45 pm
Sunday, 9 am & 10:45 am

Bethany Community Church

1388 Third St.,
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 6P9
Phone: 905-937-5300

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Aug 17/18, 2019 - In Step: Freedom From Sin

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Bearing Each Other’s Burdens

The other day, something surprising happened in our house. Eden wasn’t listening, so we put her in time-out, which she really dislikes (which I’m also sure most kids dislike). But, here is the surprising thing: Asher saw this happening, and while he knew she needed to go to time-out, he also…

How Do I Invite Someone to Alpha?

I’m hoping to host an Alpha in my home and invite my neighbours, but I have no idea if they’re going to be interested. My wife and I have been getting to know some of our neighbours a lot more over the past couple of years. We’ve had them in our home a few…

Looking to Connect at Bethany?

It’s no secret that Bethany is a large church. This means, among other things, that we have amazing resources to share with our community, a large congregation that can rally together to meet others’ needs, and amazing teams of people who make ministries like Upward Sports, Celebrate Recovery,…

Weekend Review: How to Change the World

This past weekend, we took a look at a strange, challenging, but ultimately incredibly transformative story in Mark 5. In the story, we meet a man who is demon possessed and in terrible pain and anguish. Jesus sees the man and frees him. Because the presence and power of Jesus brings liberation.…


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Upward Sports is a sports league for boys and girls, SK to gr. 9, where “Every child plays. Every child learns. Every child is a winner!” Make friends, burn energy, learn new skills from great and caring coaches and just have fun!

We want to make sure ALL children are given the opportunity to play sports. If you would like to join us making this happen, we invite you to GIVE financially toward Upward Sports at Bethany (simply select Upward from the list). Thank you for your contribution!

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God made you creative! Discover, develop and express the gifts God has given you through training at the Bethany School of Music and Arts (BSMA).

Whether it’s music, dance or visual arts, the BSMA is committed to high-quality instruction in an encouraging environment. We look forward to the pleasure of joining you and/or your child for a year of artistic growth!

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